Hong Kong Law Passed

30 June 2020

    China’s parliament has passed the national security law for Hong Kong, kickstarting the radical change many have opposed. 


    As fears that the legislation will destroy Hong Kong as a global financial center persist, and China’s relationships with both - the US and the rest of the Western world strain, counter-moves are being prepared. The US had already begun the procedure of eliminating Hong Kong’s special status under US law, restricting the territory’s access to high-technology products.


    Authorities in Beijing and Hong Kong have prior stated that the legislation is aimed at a select few "troublemakers”, and will not threaten rights, freedoms or investor interests. It doesn’t appear the Western world is buying it, however. 


    It has been found that the majority in Hong Kong opposes the legislation, but support for the protest movement has already slipped substantially.


    As US, UK and even the EU are thinking of measures, with the latter having said it could take China to the International Court of Justice in The Hague over it, China regards the reaction as an interference in its internal affairs.


    To be fair, details of the legislation are still unclear, but are expected to be made public very soon.

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